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Leadership Ohio is comprised of a host of movers, shakers, and decision-makers throughout the state. The best person to ask is a busy person. Below is a listing of some of the ongoing needs and opportunities for you to offer your support. As you see events and/or topics that are alive for you, feel free to connect with the organization via Email to Kathy Rednour. Please get involved.


Many Leadership Ohio Alumni have suggested that a refresher course be made available to them.  We have acted on your suggestions and are offering the following:
ANY Alumni may attend ANY of the Leadership Ohio monthly sessions.  The fee will be $150 and we ask that you please contact the LO Executive Director, Kathy Rednour one month prior to your selected session so arrangements can be finalized.

Please note that you will also be responsible for your own lodging and extras at the session(s) you attend.  See the schedule for meetings /locations.  Hopefully this will give you a chance to choose the area or topic you might find most interesting and allow time to schedule your attendance.

Board Member

The direction of Leadership Ohio depends heavily on its working governing board. Serving as a Board member for Leadership Ohio requires commitment of time and talent, follow-through, and relationships that can move the organization forward. The Board meets monthly: five times per year face-to-face, seven months meeting via telephonic conference. Our face-to-face meetings are March, April (Board Retreat), June, September, and December. If you have the time, talent, and commitment and have an interest in serving as an active Board member, please connect with Kathy Rednour, Executive Director.


Program/Curriculum Committee

Members of the curriculum committee meet to set the curriculum for sessions in each of the eight host cities for the program year. Assist in the selection of the best subject-matter experts, sites to visit, and experiences to help session participants get the most comprehensive and unique look at the issue slated for focus in the selected region.